2018: My Year of Slow Fashion

The year is coming to a close and with a closing chapter comes excitement and anxiety for the next. I think we can all agree that 2017 was tiring and exhausting with a new American presidential administration, and for those of us who are environmentally minded, it was a devastating year. This is why I began a lot of research on what I actions I could take on the daily to reduce my negative impact on the environment and my attention was brought to something that is literally used every single day: OUR CLOTHES!

The fashion industry is #2 in most polluting industries worldwide and I feel like I was a part of the majority that was unaware of this information. I watched documentaries on the subject such as The True Cost on Netflix and Slowing Down Fast Fashion on Amazon Prime  that helped educate me. As a result, I have decided that for 2018 I am going to begin my journey of eradicating fast fashion from my wardrobe. Of course, slow fashion is not something I will partake in for only one year but since the New Year is coming up it seemed like the perfect time to set a goal. Also, it will probably be a slow process since I have to do research on which brands are sustainable and wallet friendly.

Here are some guidelines I will be giving myself:

  1. BUY LESS. On average, an individual will buy 64 articles of clothing a year. As much as I would like to think I don’t partake in this, if we include shoes, jewelry, and miscellaneous clothes and accessories…..it might be possible that I do.
  2. BUY NATURAL FABRICS. Part of the reason fast fashion isn’t sustainable is because a lot of the clothes sold use synthetic and plastic based fabrics, and we all know that unfortunately plastic lasts forever.
  3. OR SECONDHAND CLOTHES. 80% of the clothes we donate to charity shops or thrift stores end up going to the landfill anyway. So shop secondhand, it helps your style be unqiue and is cost friendlier.

    This dress and my shoes were from a thrift shop. Cute and fun!
  4. STOP GETTING CARRIED AWAY BY INSTAGRAM CULTURE. Why is it that when celebrities wear the same clothes more than once it’s newsworthy? Why do we feel like we can’t post certain photos because the outfit we have on has already been featured on our instagram pages? We have to stop contributing to this fast fashion frenzy.
  5. KEEP EDUCATING YOURSELF. Learn about the different fabrics. Learn how to sew. Learn how to support the artisans and people that make our clothes. Learn how to be a smart and conscious shopper.
  6. #30WEARSCHALLENGE. This challenge was created by Livia Firth. When in doubt, if you’re shopping ask yourself, “Am I going to wear this more than 30 times?” If the answer is no, do not buy it! I can think of a couple pieces in my closet where the answer would have been no and I bought it anyway, I can do so much better.



Let me know if you guys have any favorite sustainable brands or if you wane to join me in my challenge! And Happy Holidays!

This concludes this post from Magalys, with love.


Song listened to while writing: Avenir- Louane


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  1. Hi Magalys

    I love your enthusiasm! I would love to talk to you about a collaboration. We are about to launch Parea – The Tlow Fashion Community, and I would like to talk to you about a collaboration. Do you have an email, phone number or another way I can get in contact with you?

    Best regards
    Freya Christiansen Oropeza

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