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A Bucket List for my 20’s | Birthday Post

A Bucket List for my 20’s | Birthday Post

Holy crap I’ve been alive for two decades now!!! I still can’t believe it, even though its been a couple weeks now since my birthday (January 9). This birthday was actually a really good one for me, I felt motivated and hopeful on a birthday […]

Making a Digital Vision Board for the New Year. (or whenever you feel like it)

Making a Digital Vision Board for the New Year. (or whenever you feel like it)

Goals need to be visible so you can be constantly reminded of what you need to be working on. A digital vision board allows amazing visibility because you can make it your laptop screensaver, desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, etc.

How to Deal with Feelings of Failure

How to Deal with Feelings of Failure

We always hear that the path to success is not a straight line but people tend to not really hear/understand that. Sometimes we set such high expectations for ourselves that it’s really disappointing when we fall short. We end up thinking like we failed others, or even worse, ourselves. And maybe we did! But I’m here to tell you that that world isn’t going to end if you make a mistake or hit rock bottom. Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m moving in every direction but forward. But I’ve also learned that once you’re down the only way to go is up! So here are my tips that I’ve used when I feel like I have failed at something.

1. Acceptance.

Before you can move on from anything, you have to accept what has happened to you. This means you have to come to terms that you have failed and not sweep it under the rug to pretend like it never happened. This can be very difficult because not everyone wants to have to say “I have failed” to themselves but you have to so that you can get back up again.

2. Learn from your Mistakes.

Try to see what led you to not accomplishing your goals or following a path that was in the direction of where you wanted to end up. Determine the steps or moment that led you astray. How can you pick yourself up again and do better unless you know what you did wrong? For example, if you failed a class, look back to see what habits you picked up that weren’t helpful for your success. See the failure as a learning opportunity instead of just something to be ashamed about.

3. Dust Yourself Off and Try Again.

At some point all the tears and drowning in your sorrows has to stop. Do not let this depressive mood go on for too long or it will be even more detrimental in the long run. The MOST important thing you can do after a personal failure is to keep moving! This means get up and try again or move on to the next goal! Reevaluate what is a priority to you and focus on that. If you can get up after you have fallen then have you actually failed? Think about it.

4. Ask for Help.

No journey to success can be done independently. Trust me, I learned this the hard way. A lot of people are too proud to ask for help but this is not good in any way. There’s a reason why we have friends, family, and communities we involve ourselves with and that’s because we feel like we can depend on them. There are so many people and resources out there with knowledge and patience that you may need to aid you to achieving your goals. There’s no shame in that.

I hope this post was helpful to you guys. XOXO, Magalys.